I am becoming a little bit fascinated with ERW here. Sometimes she’s Carmen Sandiego, sometimes she’s a cane and tap shoes away from some jazz hands, sometimes she’s refried Madonna, and then she changes it up and keeps it so achingly simple that you remember how stunning she really is. And for her Ides of March press tour, she took one basic idea — black — and executed it in wildly different ways. Yeah, she’s giving me whiplash, but it’s kind of a fun ride. Just give me some Advil and keep it coming.

Overall, what's your take?

  • She's across-the-board awesome (36%, 2,455 Votes)
  • She's across-the-board nutballs (8%, 527 Votes)
  • She's all over the place and it's making me confused and tired (19%, 1,290 Votes)
  • She's all over the place and I'm deeply enjoying it (38%, 2,579 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,852

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