Can we discuss anew what a lovely adult Elle Fanning is becoming? I am not sure my old-lady sensibilities will be able to handle it when she’s of age to be in a racy indie romp that premieres in Cannes, or something. And we’re inching in that direction here:

She has the whole soulful thing down, though. And despite this looking as if she’s about to serve you bottomless tortilla chips at a restaurant called Maracas that will close in six months, she’s ALSO pretty close to pulling it off, thanks in part to her lipstick and general youthfulness. I am not sure the Blanchetts and Livelys and various Juliannes of the world — well, MAYBE Hough, but she doesn’t generally get Gucci — could have matched with this dress and not looked silly.

But then there was this:

elle fanning

Part of me thinks, “It’s not terrible?” And then the rest of me thinks, “It might be TERRIBLE.” It’s definitely adult, but I guess I’m stuck on the bottom half looking like it’s retching petticoats onto the floor. I don’t know. We’re heading into the Elle Fanning Isn’t A Little Kid Anymore era of her wardrobe. It might be a bumpy ride, but at least it’s not — thus far — a transparent one.

[Photos: Getty]