Are you ready to meet the WINNERS of last week’s giveaway of Liza Palmer’s new book, More Like Her? I am sure that you are.

As a refresher, the task was to read Christina Milian’s lips, and tell us what imaginary list she’s enumerating, and all five items on it. (For example: The List: Five Reasons I Wish I’d Married CMM: 1) An endless supply of hair gel. 2) James Lafferty’s home phone number. Etc.) At LEAST five thank yous to everyone who entered this week, and with no further ado, behold the five winners:


“5 reasons I’m perfect for the re-make of Pretty Woman

1) I got the dress, see?

2) Chick behind me got the boots

3) Jason Alexander is in my purse

4) Julia Robert’s dental double is showing me her SAG card

5) I just ate a croissant.”


“My Plan for Taking the Fug Madness 2013 Crown:

1. Cutouts. Starting with this dress.

2. See what that Kardashian over there is wearing? I’m going to copy it and add fringe.

3. Creating the Poncho Pantsuit. It will be made out of lace.

4. Get myself onto the CW for Fug The Show.

5. You know what Lindsay Lohan’s problem is? She dresses too demure. I’ll show her how it’s done.”


“5 Potential Names for My Inevitable Clothing Line:

1) Colors A-Milian

2) Lycra A-Milian

3) Leotards A-Milian

4) Swirls A-Milian

5) Cutouts A-Milian”


“Are you ready? Here we go! So I acted in “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” with Number 1, Nick Cannon. He’s married to Number 2, Mariah Carey, who starred in “Glitter” with Number 3, Da Brat, who recorded a song for “Precious,” which also had Number 4, Lenny Kravitz, who acted in “The Hunger Games” with Number 5, Jennifer Lawrence, who was in X-Men: First Class with Kevin Bacon! See? It works every time!”


“So, I wore this to a party given by my BFF, J.Lo, who dared me that I could not be the first person to score five different categories with one outfit on GFY. So, I said, Hola, hater! What about what I have on right now? It’s almost, but not quite worthy of Crotchtacular, but I am so gonna be listed in:

1. WTF

2. The Evils of Satin

3. Accessories to the Crime

4. Pattern Problems

5. Oh, Honey No!”

Check your email for how to collect your prize!