First up, some housekeeping: Chris and Robert P. still have unclaimed copies of Bumped waiting for them, so please, shoot us your information at fuggingitup[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll get those sent to you ASAP.

But this post is to celebrate the winner, and that was Thomas S.’s rhyming acrostic, “Double Ds,” which inspired a horde of commenters to declare themselves, “Team Pleathered Vagine.” Congrats, Thomas, on a hilarious entry. And here it is:

Daily I’ll strive to keep pushing them higher,
Onward and up, to my chin they aspire
Undaunted by attention to my one buckled thigh
Be buoyant, my girls, and hold yourself high!
Let go gentlemen, I think I’ll walk fine,
Eyes must behold my pleathered vagine!
Decked out in my feathers, I couldn’t be prouder,
Singing is loud, but fug is much louder.

– Thomas S.

Thanks, guys! This Friday we’ll be going again, with another prize… stick with us…