Remember when we gave away the awesome gift of five autographed copies of the new Jackie Collins novel, The Power Trip? Meet your winners! (Winners, please check your email for a note from me.)

Here’s a reminder of the contest:

THE TASK: If you follow Jackie on Pinterest — which you should — you know that one of her favorite boards is called SMOKIN’ HOT and it’s just pictures of hot dudes. In honor of those hot dudes, and the many hot dudes she’s written about, and all the hot dudes in her current book, please pretend that YOU are writing a Jackie Collins-esque novel (glamorous, sassy, action-packed fun) and describe for us the character you’d create who would eventually be played in the ABC Mini-Series Event by Nigel Barker as seen here.

And the winners are:


Undaunted by the task and basking in the glory of his success, intrepid anthropologist Dash Dragon, freshly showered, poses with evidence of his pursuit of the legendary Bearded Handbag of the Andes.

James Smith was a cool sort of man. A fat cat banker on wall street with a great head of hair who made millions during the day and never spent a night alone, or with the same woman. All that changed when Annalise Hall showed up- a designer and ex-supermodel, looking to take her company public. She was stunningly beautiful- of course she was- but what James didn’t expect was a disposition and wit as sharp as her six inch stilettos.
After a business dinner turned night together, James finds himself drawn to the beautiful Annalise, but she seems to have lost interest just as quickly -moving onto a new luscious-locked man- and might be looking to another bank to deal with her company’s business. Desperate to regain Annalise’s confidence and interest, James does the only thing he can think of to win her back: shaves his head.
Annalise is shocked, but will it be enough? Find out in The Hairy Truth.

Hatch Greenwood, Kiwi former rugby player, is growing bored of his life as the in-house wakeboard instructor to the illustrious (and notorious) guests of the Hotel Eccessivo Ricchezze, the premier Monte Carlo resort that caters to the obscenely wealthy without asking too many nosy questions. Enter Carmelita Antoinette O’Shaughnessy Adlersflugel Svenson Rachmaninoff, the twenty-eight-year-old thrice-widowed socialite whose intentions are as questionable as her accent. Hatch falls hard, but he can’t help but wonder what she’s hiding behind those dark glasses and voluminous caftans. When Carmelita’s extensive jewelry collection goes missing from the hotel vault, can Hatch clear his love’s name with the local police, who are sure Carmelita organized the theft herself? Will he remember that the jewels turned up missing the very day Carmelita arranged to have them all Scotchgarded (so nothing would get damaged while she went parasailing in three-carat canary diamond earrings)? Will Hatch ever find out why (and how) the gelato vendor murdered the monkey? Find out in…Riviera Ruse, Intrigue on the Cote d’Azur!


Tomás Legsinaire, once travelled the world as a gay-circuit party boy and knew how to get in and out…of trouble. He uses that talent today as a fixer to gay Hollywood stars, politicians and business men who need a beard, a boy toy who keeps quiet, or a forensic expert to clean up illegal partying evidence. He gets his greatest challenge when he takes on a client who is Chief of Staff, and lover, to a prominent anti-gay U.S. Senator running for President of the United States, who is being threatened with being outed by the president’s campaign manager. Tomás has a plan and it involves putting himself in a lot of compromising positions.


Nigel plays the role of a food truck cheesemonger named Richard. A man of profound lactose tolerance, Richard moved to the United States in 2005 to start a cheese resolution. Finding that real estate was costly and cheese was best brought directly to the people, he purchased an old (short) school bus and retrofitted it with all the accoutrements of a proper cheesemonger. The story opens on Marta, a young Spanish woman living in Brooklyn whose amor for queso has always destroyed her past relationships. Those novios couldn’t handle her impulse to include cheese in every dish: Inevitably, they would reveal their lack of the proper enzymes to digest dairy, and Marta would expel them from her home and drown her sorrows in tacos, grilled cheese, and mascarpone.
Marta has opened her fridge on this fateful day to make some macaroni and cheese only to discover that, lo and behold, she is out of Gruyere! Flustered, she rushed out of the house, wearing her finest caftan and Uggs, and slams head-first into Richard’s cheese truck. He comes to her rescue, rousing her from her concussion with the scent of a smelly blue cheese, and their eyes meet. It is love, though they don’t know it yet.
Every day for the next week, Richard parks his cheese truck outside Marta’s casa, allowing her taste his camembert, his herb-encrusted goat cheese, and yes, even his cheddar. Eventually, she invites him into her home for a glass of hot coffee on a cold winter day, and they lose track of time while bonding over some stilton and a tawny port. Richard leans in for a kiss. Sparks fly.
But wait! Those aren’t figurative sparks! They are real sparks! Richard had accidentally turned on Marta’s curling iron while in the restroom! The bathroom is on fire! This house has no sprinklers or fire escapes! Richard and Marta are trapped inside! WHAT TO DO?
No worries, it turns out that Richard is also a firefighter. He calls in support while he puts out the flames. He saves the day. It is beautiful. Richard and Marta fall in love that day, and coincidentally discover a new method for making queso fundido: by accidental bathroom fire.
Of course, their love story will be plagued by additional disasters (hurricanes and bad hair days), Marta’s ex-boyfriends making surprise appearances and trying to sabotage Richard’s cheese truck business, and kittens getting stuck in trees and needing to be rescued by Richard in his capacity as a firefighter. Richard will need to be shirtless most of the time because he has a rare disease where clothes melt off his torso if he wears them too long. Marta will occasionally gain cheese weight, and Richard will only love her more because of it. IT WILL BE MAGICAL.