We have winners! As a reminder, here was the picture:

And here was the challenge:

THE TASK: We haven’t done a haiku recently — due to not having done one of these in a while — so polish your 5-7-5 skillz and pen us a bitching haiku about K Stew that includes the words “vampire,” “leather” and “toes.”

And here are our winners! Each of you will be getting  copy of Abby McDonald’s new book, Getting Over Garrett Delaney.  If you’re a winner, please look for an email from us so we can get your deets! And thanks to all who entered — there were so many great entries!

Freeing those vampire
toes from all that leather is
a big Fashion Don’t.

Leather shoes with pants
Shants? Hipster vampire, she has
Toes can breathe freely
Spring Volturi Vampire
Leather Collection
Bloody Vampire Toes
Clenched, Sweaty Leather Nethers
Get Me Vagisil
From Nosfera Toe
Leather Vampire Collection
You too can have sole

CONGRATS to all the winners!