Frankie — or does he go by Franklin? — Jonas is NOT the Bonus Jonas. … Okay, well, he is, but he hates that name, so I’m not using it. He’s the Jonas Brother who isn’t in The Jonas Brothers, currently cohosting Claim to Fame with Kevin — that show about celebrity-adjacent people trying to ferret out each others’ secret connections — and releasing a single called “Cocaine” on an EP entitled Sewer Rat. I feel for him, growing up in that shadow (and actually think Claim to Fame is a very funny way to handle it), but he seems to be doing all right, and apparently does share his brothers’ loud taste in shirts. This might be the loudest of the bunch, honestly. It’s a tribute to UPS, and postal carriers, and… bike messengers? Hey, I guess UPS might go on strike soon, so maybe it’s a strong visual message to the world. [Edited: Since I wrote this, they made a deal and averted a strike; way to negotiate, can you please send your people in there with the AMPTP next?!?!?!] Either way, it’s very lively and I like to imagine that somewhere, there’s a rich mail aficionado who uses this as their downstairs half-bath wallpaper.

[Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]
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