“Listen,” Frances McDormand thought, “all those cranky old hags who write about celebrity fashion have to be real dry right now in terms of content. I’m gonna wear a shirt where they can see my bra. It’s unexpected! It’ll give them something to yak about it. Also, just to be fun, my most fun Birks. Here you go, kidlets. Have at!” (I do love those plastic Birkenstocks.)

This was on Friday in Pasadena and I cannot think — unfortunately — of a worse time to have a drive-in; as you can see from the sky in the shot below, we had extremely bad air quality that day, due to the city’s proximity to the Bobcat Fire. It was nearly unbearable to be outside, and I hope everyone mostly stayed in their cars for the screening of the film.

Fox Searchlight And The Telluride Film Festival Host Drive-In Premiere Of

Here, Frances is flanked by Chlo√© Zhao, the film’s director, and Fox Searchlight Co-Chairman Stephen Gilula. Under normal circumstances, all of these people would have been in Venice, where¬†Nomadland just won the Golden Lion, which is the biggest prize there. On one hand, everyone got to wear their sandals to this event. On the other, it has to be a huge bummer to be kicking around at the Rose Bowl on a day with literally hazardous air quality, during a freaking pandemic. May this not be the case next year!

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