If I were the person in charge of choosing what photo to assign to Heidi Klum’s Wikipedia entry as being representative of her overall vibe and aura, I’m not gonna lie: This one would be in the running. Her dress is short! It’s sassy! She’s got boots on! Her hair looks fantastic. There might be fringe? There almost might be gold thread! Michael Kors probably is looking at this right now over his morning croissant and making amusing noises about “taste level” in a way where you can tell that he is actually delighted. It’s really got it all!

But Heidi read this and was like, “no. This is boring. I can do SO much MORE than this. So much BETTER than this. So much LESS than this.”

DIRECTV Presents Maxim Electric Nights, Los Angeles, USA - 12 Feb 2022

Somewhere, Michael Kors has heaved a huge sigh. (This was at an event called “DIRECTV Presents Maxim Electric Nights,” and…yes, I guess it is.)

[Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]
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