Yes, that’s right, two awards shows this weekend means two flashback posts. We started with the Grammys, and now here are the BAFTAs — which I believe Wills and Kate are expected to attend. Will she wear one of the dresses she’s only been spotted in while driving, like the pink one she wore to Chaz’s birthday? Will she bust out a repeat Packham, or this McQueen from the LA BAFTAs event back in 2011, or shock us all with a new Erdem? And will Lady Gaga continue to go monochrome? While the suspense slowly eats away at us, let’s revisit 2009. At this time in that fine year, I was pregnant with the beans, four months and 15 days away from popping unexpectedly. Yes, that’s right, they are very nearly This Slideshow Years Old. I can’t.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]