I mean. She’s not wearing a saddle. So I guess it’s not as literal as it could be. But you feel me. They’re sincerely bags attached to her ensemble and designed to hit the part of a lady’s bod that is referred to as her saddlebags, should she, I don’t know, decide to start living on mac and cheese and wine and Girl Scout cookies and never excising because what’s even the point anymore. FKA Twigs, of course, is in enviable shape, but this is no less bonkers, design-wise. I mean…I guess this IS a convenient way to carry all your stuff around?

Here’s your head-to-toe look:

The Lost City of Z - UK Premiere - Arrivals

It’d be better if she didn’t look like she’s wearing two iPads strapped to her hips.

In other more gossipy and way less substantiated intel, there are a lot of Blind Items right now implying that Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller are currently secretly getting it on. As a Self-Certified Celebrity Body Language Expert, though, this photo makes me think that if anyone is over this relationship, it’s her.

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