This REALLY feels like Nicki thought a coat would hide that she’s wearing an American Apparel pajama romper.

But at least it’s safe for work. You will, in fact, long for this outfit in a minute. When you click the jump, you will suddenly think of this outfit as a warm mug of hot chocolate on a snowy winter’s eve, for the next is a cold bucket of nails:

I have a lot of questions — one of them being, in fact, “Why is Nicki Minaj looking to Christina Milian for nippular fashion inspiration?” Another is, “What?” And then there’s “Why?” and, “I mean, I GUESS, but…?!?” and then, “What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” which of course you can’t solve until you know its natal land. And don’t forget the classic, “^%^$%$%##%$^$^&%%^%&^*.” But my favorite question of all, and the one I ask the most, is, “ARE WE REALLY STILL DOING THIS?”

At least her shoes are trying something different.

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