There is SO much skating to cover, that I just decided to break it into separate posts, and while we traditionally cover all the skating in one giant fell swoop after it’s all over, I couldn’t wait to get started, and I didn’t want to make you wait any longer, either. As always, the American skaters were covered in our post about Nationals, since they don’t tend to change costumes — although I’ll try to get them if they do (I assume, for instance, that Ashley Wagner’s short program costume will be new, as she’s changed her program). Let’s start with the pairs, which is always less cracked out than the ice dancers. Be crazier, pairs!

Finally, my apologies for how small these are compared to the photos we usually get. Due to a kerfuffle with the image provider from whom we generally get sports photos, I had to take screengrabs of most of these. Hopefully said kerfuffle will be quickly resolved. Cross your fingers! And as always, skating gossip and tales of partner-swapping, coaching dramz, and romance are welcome.

[Photos: WENN, my TV]