This Netflix flick is called Let It Snow, which might explain why everyone at this event looks… frosty, or frosted at least. Odeya Rush’s lips look chilly and she has an icy eye-glimmer situation happening, in addition to a gown whose bodice looks like it came with instructions for you to customize it five different ways.

Wintry eyes are going around, I guess:

LA Premiere of

Isabela Moner here now goes by Isabela Merced. It’s a weird time to change her stage name, given that she had already gone on a big press tour for the live-action Dora movie, but she said she wanted to honor a grandmother she never knew. Hey, whatever works; live your life. Both of these dresses look so goofy atop a pile of fake snow, but this one even more so because of the bare leg and very strappy sandals.

Kiernan doesn’t so much have the icy eye makeup, as she does weird unblended shimmer all over her cheeks and chin:

LA Premiere of

I think everyone’s makeup artists might need a mulligan, honestly. Her dress looks like an amateur homemade mess, though — a fun idea, sewn by a person who maybe doesn’t know how bodies work best in clothes. It’s the best of the three, but… let’s just hope the movie itself does better by all three of them, eh?

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