Well, Serena certainly has our attention.

I have been staring at this photo since the ESPYs the other night, wondering what to say about it. All I can come up with is, “Serena Williams is wearing an outfit.” Which is true. Parts of it are really nice on her. And then there’s the part where she is serving up a serious stack of boob pancakes.

If this outfit were a movie, it would be called Bisquick Nights, and it would carry at least an R rating. She looks like she should be on one of those Bravo shows where a bunch of people who call themselves housewives — on account of being a) wives, and b) in houses — scream the wigs off each other.

Okay. I guess I had a couple things to say. For her part, Serena apparently has a statement of her own to make:

And that is, “Game on, Kim Kardashian. GAME ON.”