At the ESPYs last night, Caitlyn Jenner asked the fashion police (or, perhaps, Fashion Police specifically) to “be kind to [her],” because she’s “new at this.”

Although I understand the nerves, Caitlyn needn’t have worried. Because we can all just be truthful: She totally nailed it. This is elegant and flattering and simple on her. It is wisely understated, and she looks gorgeous. (If you haven’t seen it, also, her speech was great.)

Interestingly, Caitlyn hired Angelina Jolie’s stylist, Jen Rade, to style her for this, and there is completely an Aura of Jolie about the whole thing (coincidentally, also the name of Angelina’s new perfume). When you’re making your red carpet debut, Aura of Jolie ain’t a bad direction to take the inspiration board. Here’s to what’s next.

[Photo: Getty]