I feel like this is from a “Stars, They’re Just Like Us: They Braid Their Hair When It’s Wet And Then Forget To Take It Out” phase wherein Gwyneth tries to remind us that she’s regular, just like the rest of us.

There’s her head — unkempt and beachy could equal Two Kids And No Time To Flat-Iron — and there’s her shoes, which scream, “Ladies, we can’t wear stilettos on gravel, AM I RIGHT?!?!?! Also, Jesus was the jam.” And the dress itself is really cute, but damn, the Normalcy Train stops rolling when you realize she’s turning forty in two weeks and she still has legs good enough to wear skirts that short. She’s in danger of flashing people if she drops anything, and may give herself an otherwise avoidable genital disease if she is careless about where she sits. But if you’ve got the gams, and she does, you might as well show them off when it’s a hot and you’re doing Casual Gwyneth, plus maybe it will make people stop wondering where the hell your husband ever is anymore and oh, yeah, when are you going to brush your hair? Although… I have to say, I don’t even mind that part of it. It’s nice to see her looking a little less spit-shined every once in a while.

[Photo: Getty]