This is always how I wanted Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to act. For whatever reason I love the idea of Garfleck, and am always so bummed out when they only ever look bored and surly together, or refuse to walk the red carpet as a couple, as if they think maybe we still haven’t figured out that they’re married. Sigh. 

Conversely, there’s this pair:

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski did some solo photos, and she hung back off the dais while he did his E! interview so he could have his moment, but they also posed together a bunch and seem genuinely proud and happy to be seen in public on each other’s arms. And for a second I thought he even matched his bow tie to her dress, which is sort of sweet and yet also over the top, but in the end I think his is actually gray. I don’t even care, though. They’re so cute together.  I love a couple that isn’t afraid to be excited about each other, ahem, Garfleck.
And I think I love her dress even without the enthusiastic and cute man-candy on her arm:

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

The details are interesting and romantic — they almost remind me of a trail of shells from a walk on a beach, and yes, I think I just channeled Nicholas Sparks — without being overwhelming and TA-DA and a portrait of jazz hands. Not that there is anything wrong with that sometimes, and in fact I’ve just decided that I’m going to write a book about Liza Minnelli called Portrait of Jazz Hands. But I love a dress that hits the right balance between flattering itself and flattering the lady in it, and for me this is it. Also, I got all the way through this post without writing, “To be ‘blunt,’ I love it!” Look, Mom, I’m all growed up.