One reason I’m optimistic that The Office will be fine without Steve Carell is how much I like Ellie Kemper. She’s a relatively new addition and she’s utterly charming on it, so maybe they can churn out a few more fresh characters who are as fun.

And I wanted to like this, really I did. Part of me still does:

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
It’s fluffy and frothy, exactly as her character Erin is on The Office. But it’s also eerily similar — in my head, anyway — to something Miss Piggy once wore in The Great Muppet Caper. And while Miss Piggy is in many ways a role model to all, it’s worth noting that what’s appropriate for one animal to wear while walking in a runway show and then fantasizing that both Charles Grodin and Kermit are singing an homage to her beauty while she performs a synchronized swimming routine, isn’t going to be right for everybody.