62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

BORIS KODJOE: Excuse me?
NICOLE: I’m trying something. Could you dip me real fast?
BORIS: What for?
NICOLE: Fine, lift me then. Maybe hold me horizontally and then spin around in a circle.
BORIS: Look, we’re at an awards show being broadcast by my new employer. I don’t want to act like I’m drunk.
NICOLE: Oh, fine, Mr. Undercovers, that’s just great. Now that you’re on a Big Three network show, you’re too busy to help your wife with her career?
BORIS: How would making you motion sick help your career?
NICOLE: Hello? My entire leg is hanging out and I look like I run a bordello?
NICOLE: Dancing With The Stars, fool.
BORIS: You know, you’re an actual actress. You could aim higher than that.
NICOLE (gasps): I’d like to see you dare to say that to David Hasselhoff.
BORIS: … You’re right, I would never say any of that to David Hasselhoff.
NICOLE: You’ll regret this when I’m on the show and one of those hip-wiggling dudes is panting on my neck and Us Weekly decides we’re engaged.
BORIS: We’ll see. We’ll just see.