This outfit brings me warm, fuzzy memories.

HBO's Annual Emmy Awards Post Award Reception - Arrivals
Specifically, it makes me think of something Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character might wear in her grilled cheese sandwich of a Lifetime movie, The Client List, a.k.a., Kind Touch Me In The Morning. She would put this on and bounce all around town with hundred dollar bills falling out of her purse, paying her mortgage in cash, yet arousing absolutely nothing except the bumbling banker who’s stuck with her account (and apparently sixty-nine local dudes whose lives she significantly improved by turning them in, because yes, shame, etc., BUT their wives all came to her for sex tips). Now, sadly for Malin Akerman, those are not complimentary loving thoughts; more like what you feel for the old stuffed animal you pulled out of a trunk in the attic, who is missing an ear and smells faintly of vomit and eggs, but you love it anyway because, oh, my, how we laughed.