It feels like a damn miracle that all this asymmetry works, but it really does

She has the right touch of bad-ass attitude, skepticism, great posture, and glow. I wonder if it was fun sitting next to her. I imagine, for no informed reason at all, that she’d be full of amusing asides about Julia Roberts needing to Sit Down And Be Quiet, or why Jimmy Kimmel yapped for so long when he wasn’t the host, or whether Sofia Vergara needs to learn to be a slightly worse sport so that she avoids indignities like having to stand on a revolving dais in the name of letting the head of the Emmys be “funny.” And then threatening the seat fillers a la Game of Thrones, just so they can feel like they had a proper Hollywood evening.


Samberg’s King Joffrey amused me greatly, but it still requires a lot of panache — and a damn good bracelet, apparently — to look so dignified in the face of that parody.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]