I don’t watch Portlandia — it’s one of those shows where I watch it and I get it but I don’t really think it’s, like, HA HA funny so I forgot to watch it again and then the next thing you know, I’ve totally forgotten it exists and then I have a lot of Portlandia to watch and now I guess I have to watch Breaking Bad, so I’m BUSY, okay? But I will say that I think Carrie Brownstein looked GREAT on Sunday:

(With Fred Armisen and director Jonathan Krisel, who is really pretty cute, right?) This dress is unusual — it’s like two dresses sewn together, or perhaps a maxi-skirt pulled over a tremendously chic French bathing suit — but something about it, plus her (very charming) short haircut, and the red lips just kind of works in that I Have A Sofia Coppola Inspiration Board On My Pinterest kind of way. I approve.

[Photo: Getty]