These two dresses are surprisingly similar, considering that one of them is knocked up:

Amy looks great in this, but I must confess that when I saw her, I thought, “I miss Tina.” Cut to Tina Fey at home, kicking back with some Cheetos and wearing pajama bottoms, all, “I DON’T.”

I just hope Amy posed for a cheeky Who Wore It Best with Hayden:

And then leaned over and warned Hayden about The Dangers of Illusion Netting. I mean, I think we’re all glad it’s there — no one wants her boob to make a run for it on the Emmys red carpet — but, as generally lovely as I think this dress actually is, it’s distracting to need this much of it. That said: I CANNOT WAIT to see how Nashville conceals this pregnancy. Can they put Juliette in an iron lung for a couple of months? Hayden could truly sell that.