I want to hang out with these three:

AMC Hosts A 62nd Annual EMMY Awards After Party - Arrivals

Is Alan Cumming wearing an ascot and slippers embossed with a skull and crossbones? I treasure him. I want to make him one of our GFY Interns, except I worry that he and Intern George might get embroiled in a Prank War and then we’d never get anything filed again. Also: I love how happy Matt Czuchry looks here. It’s about as thrilled as I looked when Archie Panjabi there in the middle won her Emmy last night for The Good Wife. She is SO AWESOME on that show — she’s both ass-kicking AND inscrutable, plus she wears really good boots often —  but I didn’t think she had a chance in hell to win it. In fact, when her name was called, everyone in the room shrieked a little bit with glee. I love her. But we can’t really see her dress here, so let’s take a closer look:

HBO's Annual Emmy Awards Post Award Reception - Arrivals

I mean, listen: Is this going to change the world as we know it? No. But it fits her like the proverbial glove and the neckline is super flattering. And I love the bag. And I love her. And I love that show because it’s all about super smart women being awesome at their jobs, and then also Josh Charles is there, being hot. So…thumbs up all around, is what I’m saying.