At first I was torn about whether this is too severe on her, but I decided I love it.

It’s very fierce, befitting a lady whose House of Cards role has been likened to Lady Macbeth (I am only on episode two, because I had to stop watching so I could marathon every single season of Breaking Bad in an effort to get to the finale along with everyone else), and who was married to Sean Penn for such a long time. I feel like that makes you naturally armored, but she might as well have a sexy bitchin’ breastplate to wear on the outside as well. It’s like Princess Buttercup mixed with the Six-Fingered Man, totally unafraid to do battle with a Sicilian when death is on the line. Anybody want a peanut?

We also need to talk about this:

Specifically, that her daughter Dylan looks SO MUCH like Buttercup 2.0. I mean, I’ve never seen her daughter before, but if that’s NOT her, then strange things are afoot at the Double Helix.

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