Anna Paquin is one of those women who I think is only getting better looking:

Not that I ever thought she WASN’T attractive, just that as she gets older, her quirkiness works better and better, and there is so much less awkwardness about her. And this is one of the reasons that young actresses should think long and hard before doing anything crazy to their faces. I’ve never understood why so many low-level starlets make the choice to go to moderate-to-extreme measures to make themselves look like everyone else, when all that accomplishes is making you part of an interchangeable army of Actress-Bots (Actr-Bots?), and they’d be better off looking like THEMSELVES.

All that aside, this dress is great on her, I think. It’s relaxed enough that it’s appropriate, given that she wasn’t nominated, but she also doesn’t look like she just rolled out of bed and threw on something from the back of her closet.

<True Blood> Also, can we just talk about how Lafayette needs to figure out a way to stop getting possessed by people next season? Buy an amulet or something, girl. </True Blood>