I was so much happier with this until I saw the shoes:

I mean, they’re fine?  They make this bridal in a way that I don’t enjoy. But just cover them up. Stick a Post-it over them. Pick a good one, like the one with your lunch order on it, or the one that is reminding you to set your fantasy football line-up….

…okay, better, right? Classy, understated, flattering. The lace feels on-trend, but the gray is a nice surprise. Kind of like the fact that Anna Chlumsky seriously has a viable career again. Which sounds snarky but I swear I am being sincere: I always liked her, and she disappeared forever to do….stuff (Broadway? College? Living with the Amish and turning the fine arts of butter-churning?)….and then, seemingly out of nowhere, she just popped right back on Veep, on which she is GREAT. The whole thing just makes me happy.