I was putting these two ladies together because they both went for bling, and then realized that they’re both also -skis and I just wasted twenty minutes trying to come up with a cute portmanteau in case they decided this meant they were soulmates. Krakanski? Barowski? Brakowski?  Jantine Barankowski? I really want this to happen, now. At the very least, they could become a singing duo. So fun at parties! So shiny!

This is surprisingly leggy for Christine. I kind of love it on her, just because it’s such a change. And because it makes her look like she’s about to burst into a vigorous tap routine, which I always appreciate.

Let’s look at Krakowski:

She looks, personally, great. That hair and makeup is really working on her. And you guys know I love a sparkle. I actually really like this — and I like that it’s a gun metal color rather than gold. But I just feel like, man, have seen it a lot lately. It’s not at all bad. But it might be getting a little boring. What do you guys think?