I am very excited about Downton Abbey coming back…whenever it comes back.  January, I think? (I know those of you in the UK already got it. WE ARE JEALOUS.) You guys KNOW how much I love English People Having Romantical Problems In Olden Times. And so I was quite thrilled to see it win at the Emmys on Sunday. Let’s take a look at the ladies — minus Maggie Smith, who is deeply awesome on it, and Ladies Sybil and Edith. (Okay, and a variety of other maids/housekeepers/mothers of people who will inherit thanks to the complexity of entail laws, but you know what I mean.)

Elizabeth McGovern looks fine. Pretty. Good color. Relaxed. DEFINITELY not like someone who thinks she’s going to win, which was savvy given that she was up against Kate Winslet and the Emmys can’t resist awarding Real Movie Stars. (And the fact that Elizabeth McGovern was once a sort-of movie star is, I think, the reason SHE even got nominated in that category, because as much as I love that show, she is not the best actor on it. Not that she’s bad, but I think it’s very revealing of the way the Emmys Run Things that the two actors nominated were her and Maggie Smith [who is great, but is VERY Maggie Smith in the part], and Brendan Coyle was not even though HE IS SO GOOD ON THAT SHOW.]

Speaking of Brendan Coyle, I really hope he and His True Love Anna — Joanne Froggett, there in the middle — manage to work something else even though he is STILL MARRIED MY GOD BATES WHY DIDN’T YOU MENTION THAT? The angst! Speaking of Joanne, I love her but I do not love THIS. It feels a little Evening Wear By Charlotte Russe. We’ve all been there.

And then, finally, there’s Michelle “Lady Mary” Dockery, whose dress I LOVE. It’s not super FANCY EMMYS BALLGOWN, but I very much appreciate how retro it is (with the exception of the Boob Triangle, which might be a little wacky, but I’m just going to ignore that possibility) and I love the sleeves, and how austere it is. It’s refreshing after approximately one hundred and thirty-seven mermaid dresses.