I mean, listen: Nina Dobrev is gorgeous (and, as we say at all possible opportunities, truly great on The Vampire Diaries). And this dress is so close to being a slam-drunk:

My concerns are as follows:

a) she can’t walk in it, and she also, I suspect, could barely breath in it — that thing is tight. I shudder to think how she got to the venue, although I suspect it involved riding over standing up in the limo, her head sticking out of the sunroof.

b) I kind of like the detailing on the hem, and I kind of worry that, at the party later, some drunk dude tried to wipe ahi tuna slider juice off his hands using part of it, at which point I hope she cracked him over the head with a salad plate.


c) I also think Nina suffered by being one of the first on the red carpet. I saw this and I was kind of…unmoved by it. But seeing it again, in contrast with the rest of the red carpet, I like it much better. I suspect it’s objectively good, but comparatively great.

But you're the boss:

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  • Horrible. (3%, 394 Votes)
  • I am enraged that you didn't include the shot of her posing with Somerhalder. (13%, 1,890 Votes)
  • I understand that the photo of her with Somerhalder wasn't part of your photo sub, and forgive you. (8%, 1,097 Votes)

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