If I remember right — which is about a 60/40 crapshoot — Gwyneth told Ryan Seacrest that she tried on two outfits and this one was her favorite. Perhaps she should’ve kept shopping. Because this smacks of making SO MUCH EFFORT, and that’s not Gwyneth Paltrow should be. Gwyneth is, in turns, infuriating and awesome for how effortless she makes things look: singing and dancing on Glee; stomping around in a catsuit atop Cee Lo’s grand piano;crying on camera; dying on camera (BULL TRUE); cutting her hair short in Sliding Doors (seriously, has anyone else worn that essentially not-great haircut as well as she did?); pretending to be British on film; pretending to be a tiny bit British in real life;parenting; cooking; truffle-hunting or whatever it is she does for GOOP when she’s not asking Deepak Chopra to talk to us about spirituality and pants… you get the gist. Gwyneth should know by now that when we look at her, we want to be kind of awed and grossed-out by how simple she makes it look to be somebody whose life has to be incredibly complicated and under-carbohydrated. So WHY IS SHE TRYING THIS HARD? We don’t want to see your mental sweat, GOOPie. We’d rather read about what your gurus think a person can do to combat mental sweat. Maybe you should call Deepak?