This dress was divisive over here at GFY HQ. We worked out our differences the usual way — a thumb war, building Diet Coke cocoons around ourselves until one of us made a wrong move and was buried underneath a pile of cans, punching — and now that we’re concussed and in couples therapy, it’s time to turn it over to you guys.

Jessica liked this more than I did; she said she finds it charming in a ’60s way, she likes that it’s not super-crazy sexpot, and on the whole, she appreciates that it fits Lena Dunham’s persona. I agree with all of those statements, AND we both like her hair, and yet I can’t sign off on this as a whole. Something about it isn’t working for me, and it’s this: Much like with Zoe Saldana, this is making her head look disproportionately tiny in a way that it is not. And from there, the whole thing starts to seem too dominating, and therefore maybe not that flattering, and suddenly the whole enterprise is on a downward spiral and I’m cruising through it like I’m on a coiled water slide trying to get away from the weird dude in the Speedo who was in line after me. So while this could be a home run somewhere, I wish it was doing Lena’s head more favors, because her head deserves them.

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