Well, I guess this is in keeping with her Daria-esque deadpan mien — which, if we’re being totally honest here, and I hope we are, I have always found vaguely irritating. Yes, even on Parks and Rec, where I feel like her character only works like 89% percent of the time, when everyone else is closer to 98%. (Obviously, I do love Janet Snakehole deeply. Her husband keeps her in the finest clothes from Bergdorf Goodman!)

I actually think her face looks fantastic here. But the rest of it feels like costuming for a play titled Laura Ingalls Is Really Over This Shit.*  On the other hand, I would sit in the front row of that play EVERY NIGHT, so maybe let’s call it a draw?

*Someone on Twitter noted that she looked like “Ghost Laura Ingalls,” and in the interest of full-disclosure, I’d ALSO watch that play.

[Photo: Getty]