I regret that headline a little. “Floral bang” sounds like a very weird sexual encounter, or description thereof, like someone who goes a bit over the top and should really just get to the point a lot faster: “It was fine, but he was a bit of a floral bang. Everything took 10 minutes too long.”

Sorry, Emma. Back to the task at hand. This is a very visually dramatic start to the year. It’s a customized combination of two Louis Vuitton looks: these pants with this basic color story. Adjusting it to be a corset and putting the purple on top works nicely for me, and I’m thrilled she didn’t wear it with the runway booties, which look like someone practiced sutures on a mummy. But the pants read a tad bulky, and even though I do like these shoes, would something strappier have been better? And perhaps without ankle straps that fight with the cuffs?

Still, on the whole, Louis Vuitton has been such an uneven proposition — one might even say a cacophonous shitshow, if one were an intemperate middle-aged crank — that I’m quite pleased to see something bright and fun and relatively fitted, and which appears to have been modified with her specifically in mind. So I’ll take it, Em. With cautious optimism.

[Photo: WENN]