I had one hot, crazy moment wherein I thought Baby Spice’s skirt was being held akimbo by some form of 18th-century style scaffolding:

I must admit, I was mildly delighted by the prospect. Sadly, she’s just holding it out for the cameras for reasons that are beyond me, but….well, perhaps so we’d all think she was on some kind of wacky Marie Antoinette trip? That said, this pattern is adorable, and, frankly, I feel like she’s never looked better. It all kind of makes me want to drag her over to the open bar — OBVIOUSLY, there is an open bar at the Ab Fab premiere, sweetie darling — and hiss at her that this dress is cute REGARDLESS so just STAND NORMAL, because you’re CONFUSING THE FASHION BLOGGERS and also can we talk about what it was like when Ginger Spice quit the group in a huff? Because I have questions.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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