Between the coat and what I assume is a wig, there’s a fair bit of fake hair in this photo. Emily here is at a Marc Jacobs show, although if you thought she was on the set of an ’80s-set jazzercise reimagining of Clan of the Cave Bear, I would understand. And maybe even be disappointed that such a thing will not happen. If we’re going to reboot everything, let’s get WEIRD.

Sidebar, it will always be odd to me that Marc is so far outside the Fashion Week calendar now. Not that this is a kiss of death on its own; plenty of big brands do this. But with Marc Jacobs, it does feel like a slide, somehow. He used to close New York Fashion Week. The whole thing led up to HIS exhibition, and it was usually a very ornate piece of artistry. His shows started so willfully late that fashion editors would all go get margaritas across the street and linger hours past the time printed on the ticket, because they knew they could — until the year he started a minute early just to mess with everyone. People wouldn’t leave for London until his show finished, because even if that meant skipping a few shows there, you simply didn’t miss Marc. And now he’s just sort of… barely a presence, and an afterthought to the Met Gala, if he’s there at all. I am DYING to know if there was an epic falling-out with Anna that sent him to industry Siberia.

[Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs]