Inspiration comes in many forms. Today, on the doorstep of the birthday of these United States, it comes in the shape of Emily Ratajkowski. She refused to be daunted by The Curious Case of Where Any Shirt, Any Shirt At All Really, Might Possibly Have Gone, nor by The Great Brassiere Drought of 2017. Many of us might think, “Oh well, can’t go out, I’ll pour a glass of wine and watch another Glow.” Not our Emily. Gripped by the kind of courage, moxie, and a whole lot of boob tape, she apparently thought, “You can take my chest coverings, but you cannot take my publicity. There are lenses outside that are bereft without a focus. There are Instagram followers who need a leader. Blogs with nothing to flog. So I will not go quietly without a fight. I will not vanish into the night. I’m going to strut on. I’m going to survive. Today, I celebrate my independence. FROM SHIRTS.” So she took that jean jacket and she Kardashian’d it to the max, and by jove, she gave those paps their shot. And Bill Pullman, from within the wrong movie, is all:

Sometimes, the world gets the hero it needs. This is clearly one of those times.

[Photo: Backgrid]