Bella is Gigi Hadid’s sister, and also a model, and her face has — to my mind — never looked better. She sort of looks like Liberty Ross to me? Having kindly doled out my obligatory compliments, however, WE NEED TO TALK?

If this were on Beyonce, and she was blowing everyone’s mind on stage, I would be into it. If this were on Lady Gaga, and she was sailing onto the red carpet on a trapeze, the fringe occasionally whacking her on the face, I would buy it. If this were a remake of Labyrinth and Tilda Swinton wore this as the Goblin King for a few pivotal moments, I would allow it. If Bella herself were attending a salute to the late television program Fringe, I would give her a hand for her grasp of the literal. But in this instance, it just seems so itchy.