It’s (a) so nice to see her in color, (b) always fun when someone realizes that Comic-Con is the ideal place to wear something a little silly, and (c) there is no C, but you know what they say about The Rule of Threes:

It also feels like a damn miracle that she’s not wearing beige shoes with this, and basically that all just makes me want to give thanks to The Gods of The Red Carpet (and also thank them for the fact that people are once again finally leaving the house and I don’t have to post those candid shots of Kim Jung Un pointing at stuff that popped up on the wires last week). I guess we’ve finally answered, for me, the Eternal Question:

Would You Rather:

  • Boring Beige Pumps (11%, 482 Votes)
  • Overly Matchy Matchy Shoes (89%, 4,019 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,501

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