I had the hardest time parsing this outfit. Apparently it’s a sweater over a very long shirt, over skinny pants.

And in person that was probably obvious, but in photos — at least on my monitor — it all runs together, to the point where when I saw the thumbnail I feared they were hideously ballooned harem pants. So we dodged that bullet, at least. My issues here, then, are twofold:

1) If you don’t WANT people to be afraid you’re wearing a) hideously ballooned harem pants, or b) a semi-dowdy dress over said pants, then this is a bad choice for an event that includes photographers because the resulting shot may make it hard for people to tell what the heck is going on;

2) Knowing what the parts ARE, I still don’t love it. In fact, I’d like to remove the long black mullet-cut shirt and see if the sweater and pants look reasonable together on their own. The witchy flow of the shirt is SO Olsen Twins to me, which I suppose makes sense considering they share so very much of the same genetic material. But it’s just so heavy — it takes any spirit and lift from the cutesy pink flowers and drags it underwater and drowns it and then tries to frame someone else for the murder.

[Photo: WENN]