Elizabeth Olsen: Hi there! You really matched your tan to your scarf, didn’t you?

Bizarroverse Cinemaphile: I’m into bold aesthetic choices at the moment.

EO: Me too, I mean, look at me, my hair looks like a chocolate-peanut-butter bar, which by the way sounds really good right about now, and I’m in this CRAZY shiny Armani suit, like, you could probably check your tan in it, it’s so reflective, but my mom said this was too Krystle Carrington for me and she did NOT mean the one who is on the CW Dynasty, and I’m starting to wonder if the runway version was cooler and maybe we shouldn’t have changed it, because the top now seems like too much and maybe kinda musty by comparison, but I AM glad you can’t see my navel, and also I’m starting to think that this is REALLY too formal for this and do you think there’s a multiverse, because if so maybe there’s an Earth somewhere in which I am in something hip and colorful that doesn’t look like I am about to throw someone into a lily pond, and if so how can I get to that Earth, right, ugh, this sucks, what am I even doing with my styling, God I hope this gets better because I just–

BC: Mmm, what? Did you say something?

EO: I mean… kind of, I was–

BC: Sorry, the middle distance is just my absolute favorite distance. I can’t stop looking into it.

EO: Cool, cool. Me too.

BC: It’s not so far that I have to squint, but not so close that I can’t look profound, and pensive. There’s really no beating it.

EO: Right. Middle distance. The best.

BC: I could go for a peanut-butter bar right now, though. Not sure where THAT craving came from.

EO: No clue. None.

[Photo: Action Press/Shutterstock]