I have so many thoughts, and the best way to organize them is via a list:

1.  Elisabeth Moss was WELL DUE to win an Emmy. I haven’t watched The Handmaid’s Tale because I feel like it’s going to hit a little too close to home and I’m not sure if I can handle it on an emotional level. (Having said that, I strongly recommend the book, and I’m super excited that its success has lead to an upcoming adaptation of Alias Grace, which is one of my favorite books. But when are we going to get an adaptation of The Blind Assassin? What about Cat’s Eye?! LET’S DO THEM ALL. [I really like Margaret Atwood, you guys.]) But she’s basically great in anything, I fully believe she was great in this, and we all know she probably should have won at some point for Mad Men. I’m still a little bitter that she didn’t win for the season she submitted “The Suitcase.” (She lost to Julianna Margulies, who was great in The Good Wife that year, and I also would have accepted Connie Britton that year as well, because she submitted that great episode where Tami Taylor gets that job in Philly, which is also the episode that Kyle Chandler submitted, and for which he won; I’ll never forget that when his name was read, Heather and I both screamed with joy. Wow, this was a digression. TV is full of great, great acting and I love it.)

2. I think this is the best hair Moss has had in a REALLY long time.

3. I actually LOVE the length on this. It’s unexpected and fetching

4. I also covet these shoes.

5. Does this need a hoik?

6. Do we think this color reads a little more winsomely in person? It’s a bit washed out in photos, but this ashes-of-roses color often is when it is glorious delicate in real life. LET’S DISCUSS.

[Photo: Getty]