Eiza is starring in the new Vin Diesel movie, Bloodshot, in which… I assume Vin Diesel Vin Diesels all over the place… but she’s dressed more like that scene in the first Charlie’s Angels movie where Drew, Cammy D, and Lucy are a sexy mechanics who unzip their jumpsuits and shake out their hair in Crispin Glover’s direction. (Something else also happens in that scene, I’m sure — probably loosely plot-related — but I don’t think we’re supposed to remember or care what that was.) It’s wacky, and it’s unbuttoned as hell, and that’s a LOT of denim to be rubbing up on what might be uncovered nipples. Yeow. But I can’t lie: She also looks great in it, like a sexy-spy franchise all her own, no Charlie nor Vin Diesel required.

[Photo: WENN]