So, THIS could have gone better:

Eat, Pray, Love - UK Film Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Not only is it Christmas where Julia is, judging from the street accoutrement behind her — which, like, DUDE, it’s not even OCTOBER. I get annoyed when we see Christmas hoo-ha before Thanksgiving, but I understand that’s a losing battle nowadays. But is it too much to ask to get through Halloween at the very LEAST? — but, wherever she is, she’s also apparently being styled by people who HATE HER. The things this suit is doing to her figure are really unkind, not to mention very prone to stains. Like, if someone said to you, “We’re going to put you in the lady version of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever Suit, but not as flattering and in fact surprisingly matronly while you pray that no one comes near you with a glass of red wine,” would you agree? Listen, there is much love lost between me and Julia, but even I don’t want this for her. So the question is: how to fix? If I were the person who pulled her into another room to do damage control before she left the house, at the very least, I think I’d get her into a slimmer legged pant. But I can foresee myriad fixes. Pick your poison in the comments!