This cover looks like a subscribers cover rather than a newsstand one, doesn’t it? There are so few words. I wish I could remember when Vogue  went to having a June/July issues rather than June AND July issues — it seems like a bad sign? — but that information has left my brain, along with the capital of North Dakota and how to make a roux that isn’t a total mess. Having said that: She as a human looks lanky and lovely here, although I wish I could see her feet, perhaps? (I’d be interested to hear from a photographer or designer or art director about that choice, though.)

The piece, by Jen Wang (whom I know a bit personally!) is interesting, especially the bits about Dua’s work with Nadia Murad, who is a Nobel Peace laureate and activist who is wildly impressive, and her background as a British-Albanian woman whose parents fled Kosovo for London during the era of Slobodan Milosevic, which I wasn’t hugely aware of. (They moved back to Kosovo when she was 11, and then she came back to London as a teen.) Vogue only lets us excerpt 100 words, but she tells a great story about how she took a playground game and flipped it on its lid as a child that you probably want to read. Overall, Dua comes across like a good egg, which is always a pleasant turn of events. (Coming across like a good egg is generally the goal of these profiles, but that doesn’t mean it actually always happens.) I finished reading it and liked her. Claps all around.

[Credits: Writer: Jen Wang; Photographer: Tyler Mitchell; Fashion Editors: Jorden Bickham; Hair: Evanie Frausto; Makeup: Marcelo Gutierrez. Vogue’s June/July 2022 issue is available on newsstands nationwide on May 24th.]
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