This was from an event called Garden of Laughs, which I am only sharing because Norman Reedus was also┬áin attendance, and there are few people I consider less of a human garden of laughs than Norman Reedus. Sorry, I just needed to chuckle about that with someone, and Jessica is not at her desk at this precise moment. ANYWAY: Uzo Aduba looks typically great here; the dress is interesting and lovely, and there are STRIPES that are also metallic, so you know we’re going to approve. But what’s missing is her usual footwear elan. There is nothing wrong with what she’s done, but given her past penchant for interesting shoes and the fact that we were all gunning to Kickstart her celebrity pedi-makeover show, they seem a little bit… womp-woooomp. Maybe the season finale of Celebrity Shoe Intervention With Uzo Aduba will feature her stopping in front of a mirror, pensively, and thinking, “Shoeperhero, heal thyself…?”

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