I’m only partially exaggerating, because I am dramatic: The album on Getty had Duchess Kate’s name in the title but used this as the thumbnail, so for a scorching and bewildering second I thought this photo was of her and that she’d finally made wine out of her mind-grapes. (In fact, she wore Temperley, and looked exactly like Kate always does.) Closer investigation revealed that no, it’s just Alexa, in what I first assumed was an Erdem because she arrived with the designer. But it’s actually Loewe; Erdem should have held up a sign that was like, “NOPE, NOT MINE.” Because how cheap and crazy does this look? First, the back:

And now let’s get a proper full-frontal:

This is basically act three of a tragic romantic film: The heroine is diagnosed with a very rare and debilitating disease that will ravage her innards but leave her outsides delicately beautiful, and when she realizes she’s never going to leave the hospital, her boyfriend and the whole medical staff throw a wedding in the chapel complete with a gown cobbled together from paper smocks and bed pads. It needs a vaguely poetic but also meaningless name, like The Wing and the Clover, and at least one scene on a frigid beach. Josh Hartnett will be very sorry he isn’t getting the male lead.

Perhaps cast as the forbidding but ultimately emotionally broken mother: Rosamund Pike, who IS wearing Erdem.

No one needs that many neck strands unless she’s up to something.

[Photos: Getty]