Harper’s Bazaar led off its story about Dior by pointing out that the set was bedecked with hand-embroidered panels that took 430,000 hours of work by 60 Indian women, inder the direction of Italian artist Marta Roberti; in contrast, Vogue made zero mention of any of that at all. I don’t know what that MEANS exactly — maybe Vogue thinks all that work, for art that’s only on public display until July 9, is too much. I tend to think it’s great to show off the skills of these women, as long as they’re handily paid (nobody discussed that part). Then again the Vogue review felt like it was written by someone who had to pinch-hit while the regulars were at the Hamptons, so. The collection itself looks simple, but I’m sure is not once you get into the nitty-gritty; it’s not inventive and I don’t know how much of it feels very Dior, per se, but it’s RELAXING, and that’s a nice surprise considering how much this brand used to stress me out.

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