Whoever is talking the women of Hollywood into signing multi-year contracts to promote Dior should quit fashion and transition into international diplomacy, because obviously said individual could talk anyone into agreeing to anything. Have the words, “whoa, this Dior partnership has been amazing for her” been uttered about anyone over the last five years? People may have said, “Marion Cotillard is pulling off the Dior thing surprisingly well,” but that’s about as good as it has gotten; it’s definitely telling that their most successful major event offering of recent memory involved a vintage design. And even so, this is a new low, and it’s all the more shocking because Charlize is so beautiful. She sincerely should be able to show up at an event wearing an old party-sized bag of Doritos and a Slurpee cup on her head and look good. But this is brutally unpleasant, and you know that the only reason for her to pop up dressed like an off-brand Madonna impersonator is that sweet, sweet Dior money. I have to ask: While I understand the appeal of whatever they’re paying her for Charlize, is this deal ultimately doing Dior any good? No one is seeing this pop up on her phone and murmuring, “yes, Charlize, j’adore Dior, ALSO continue to plug that brand on the astral plane or wherever the hell this fashion show is happening.”  Let the woman and leave her red carpet appointments alone.

[Photo: Getty]